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The SP3 - 40" - 75" TVs - only $139 - (Best Seller)


Product Description

tvsize.gif tvvesa.gif tvprofile.gif tvtiltrotation.gif tvstuds.gif tvbenefits.gif
TV Size Mounting Pattern Profile Rotation/Tilt Stud Mount Best Features
 40 - 85"

VESA 300mm +


3-20+" Extension

45-90 degree left/right

2 Stud Mount

Can Mount on Single Stud

Length, Strength

#1 Best Seller

150 lb. Max Max 24" Wide x 16" Tall 5" Min Profile +5 up to -15 degree tilt up to 18" dual stud 3-20+" extension

Our Best Deal, has not gotten even better.  Extra $10 off on top of the code SAVE10 code for another $10.  So for $129, you get the best mount, shipped free.  This deal can not be beaten for large TVs.  Anything less expensive at stores are of terrible quality . This is the last solid arm mount remaining in the industry.  


The SP3 has always been the best selling mount, and now with a longer arm, it can turn a 75 inch TV both left and right to view from any angle.  Most mounts are only 10" extension at stores and online.  This 20+" length is the best arm mount in the industry.  As well as strong.  Only $149 with free shipping.  

FREE SHIPPING AND a 10ft HDMI cord. (we offer a 10ft cord as our competitors 6ft cord does no good for an arm mount installed on the wall.)  These simple bits of knowledge we share are the reason we as professional installers have an edge on the competition and sell only high quality products.

We're here to help you get a great product. The mount is better priced and stronger and longer than our competition.   See the VIDEO below and email us if you need further info.  And if you want the FREE how-to guide, a 10ft HDMI cord capable of 3D and it shipped for Free, then the SP3 is the mount.   


If you have any questions about the mounts and compatibility you can email us at (click here) and we will respond within an hour.  Thank you.


The SP3 Mount 40-75" Full Motion

The SP3 Arm Mount for 40"-75" TVs is without question our best selling mount, and with over 35,000 units sold online it is the premier TV mount sold in the e-commerce industry.    The SP3 is compatible with nearly all of TV in the size range (40-75" +).  It is a sepremely strong mount, that works with all kinds of flat tvs, LED, LCD, Plasma, etc.  The arm extends 25 inches (without sagging) which will allow even 55, 60, and 70 inch tvs to turn 90 degrees to the wall both ways... (full motion).    Most other mounts claiming full motion extend at best only 10-20 inches and therefore can not turn a large TV far enough before it hits the wall.  Besides the difference in arm length, the mount is superior in strength, quality, and price.  We get the lowest amount of returns on our most popular mount, which is a great sign of the quality of the product.  Our customer's compliments and even more so their repeat business is what makes this mount a success  And because of this we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.***You can see these differences in the video below this info. 

Maximum Extension
The maximum extension of the SP3 is something that seperates it from the competition.  The arm extends 27 inches.  Most arm mounts extend from only 10 inches up to 22 inches max.  The difference is 25 inches allow for the largest 55", 60" and even 75" Tvs to turn left and right nearly perpendicular to the wall.  As well it allows it to fit well when used in the corner of a room.  It also can be extended out of a cubby hole, even those 2 ft deep.   Lastly the extension makes it a perfect mount for when you want to place a TV in the corner of a room.  Many people don't know where to turn when that is their goal and this mount is the style you need in order to do so.  This alone is what attracts tens of thousands of orders a year. 

Strength and Fluidity
The SP3 mount is extremely strong.  Many people send us follow-up emails just to inform us that the mount exceeded their expectations.  We know that individuals don't normally take the time out to find a way to email us unless they really are happy.  It's due to the strength and the way  the mount moves, tilts, toggles, etc.  It is a rock.  You can use any TV in todays market beause it's rare to even find a TV that weighs over the max of 150 lbs.  In addtion to being strong, it's balanced as well.  It tilts down and up, left and right with ease.  Many TV mounts aren't balanced and that creates a slamming motion when the tilt feature is loosened.  You never will have to worry about sudden movements with this.   

TV and VESA compatibility
The SP3 is compatible with nearly EVERY 37 - 70 inch TVs. It's truly universal with the adapter that handles patterns from 200x100mm That is your smaller TVs like the 26" and 32" that can work with this mount,  all the way up to 600x400mm which is now the standard for the largest TVs.   Common fits are  200x200mm and 400x400mm which Cover Samsung and Sharp TVs.  It also has the 300x300mm that are all sony TVs over 32" up to 70" Sonys.  Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Vizio, Pioneer, Insignia, RCA, Magnavox, and "ALL" OTHER BRANDS will work.   You just have to check with us and confirm the model you have has a VESA pattern that will work within the range.  Again it's 200x100mm up to 600x400mm.   Check how to measure that VESA pattern here.

Technical Details

  • Made for 300mm up to 600x400mm VESA patterns.  This is almsot all 40 - 75 Inch TVs.
  • Arm extends 24 inches, retracts to less than 4 inches. 
  • The mount wall plate is 19x9 inches and can mount on studs from 4 inches apart up to 18 inches apart.
  • Weight limit is 150 lbs. The mount weighs 28 lbs.  It ships with all of the hardware needed to mount on wood studs or brick wall.
  • Has clips to hold cords in place.  Can toggle to make it level. 
  • #1 Selling Mount - No other mount comes close at even $200

If you are ready to order, select cord option and proceed.  Read below to see that your TV is compatible.  If you are still in doubt either call us at 1-888-220-4095 or, "Click here" to submit a question, please include the mount name "SP3".

Some of the most popular Brands and Sizes that work. (remember to check with us if you are concerned about your TV fitting)

  • Samsung         - All 37-60" - 1. Only one issue for 32 & 42 inches, see below
  • Sony               - all 37" - 60" No known Issues
  • Panasonic        - Most 32" - 65" - 2. **See Note For 800mm**
  • LG                  - Most 32" - 60" - 2. **See Note for 800mm**
  • Sharp              - Most 32" - 70" - 3. **See below for older sets**
  • Vizio               - 32" - 60" - 4. "One issue see below"
  • Phillips            - 37" - 60" No known issues
  • Pioneer           - 42", 50 5. Not compatible with 60"
  • ViewSonic        - 37" - 60" - No known issues
  • Haier              - 37" - 60" - No known issues
  • Westinghouse - Most 42" or larger.  6. Many West.... have 100mm that "Will not work"
  • Insignia          - 37" - 60" - No Known Issue
  • Toshiba          - 32" - 60" - No Known Issues
  • Mitsubishi       - 37" - 60" - No Known Issues

*Other brands WORK with this too... ProScan, RCA, ViewSonic, Magnovox, Mitsubishi, and so many more.

**For those TVs that don't have 32" mentioned it's because the 100mm,200mm, and 100x200mm patterns are more compatible with the SP1 or SP2. Please email us to get a final advisement. 

  1. Samsung 32 or 42 inch With 200mm pattern and M8 bolts won't fit into many mounts pattern. You can bore mount holes bigger or get adapter plate.
  2. For any TV with 800mm wide VESA pattern, check out the bigger LAM50.
  3. Older LG and Some larger Sharp had larger patterns. Newer sets are easily within range.New Sharp 70 will fit or 70 and 80 inch See LAM50
  4. Only very few models have a 100x100mm pattern. Email us model number for 42" or smaller TVs
  5. Pioneer and Pioneer Elite 60 inch has wider pattern. Email us model number
  6. Westinghouse TVs are mostly 100x100mm and that will not work with the SP3.  The SP1 for 19-32" or SP2 22-46" again will work in its place.

** The basic instructions for the SP3 have a typo.  There isn't a template as it says in the instructions.  However, it isn't necessary.  The instructions are much improved and the mount can be put up to the wall to act as a template and make markings as professionals do.

If you are concerned about, you can simply email us to confirm. This list does not include all brands that work with this mount. All other brands will work within the range. "

See video below that has been viewed over 15,000 times in the last year when it was made. Since we started selling the SP3 in 2006, it has been the most popular mount sold.  UPDATAE:  Since TVs are conforming to industry standards, the SP3 works for TVs up to 60" now and some 70".  It is now exclusively sold on our site. 


THIS VIDEO portrays the older sp3.  the new sp3 is similar but does have some differences and the images above depict the true sp3 mount.  


Product Videos

SP3 Articulating Arm Mount 32 - 70 Inch TVs (04:22)
The Sp3 is an arm mount for 32" up to and even larger than 70 inch LED, LCD, and Plasma TVs. It is a very popular mount due to it's strong structure, long 28 inch extension, and adaptability to so many brands and sizes of tvs. See how it compares to another mount that claims to be on par with our SP3. Not even close and we stand behind this statement.
  • SP3 Articulati...
    The Sp3 is an arm mount for 32" up to and even larger than 70 ...

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Product Reviews

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  1. Dual Arm Mount is strong and stable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2016

    My neighbor and friend installed my SP4 upgraded mount. He has the SP3 and clearly sees the improvement by the SP4 upgrade.His is a single mount. The double mount is far superior to the SP3 single mount. My only suggestion for improvement for the SP4 is a clamp to prevent the TV from sliding left to right and right to left when you re-position the TV for viewing. It's a "nit" but I think it would help.

  2. SP3 mount 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2015

    We have bought a lot of products from this company and this is by far the best mount. This will be the third sp3 alone.

  3. Great value 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2014

    Will review this product upon its installation.We recd the mount late due to inventory etc,and,since we returned to Canada,and locked up our home in AZ,IT WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL WE RETURN IN FEB 2015
    But it appears to be what we expected,thus I would rank it a 5 for durability and also a 5 for ease of installing( which I will do next Feb)
    Thank you.

  4. Stonger Version of old mount 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Nov 2014

    This was surprisingly better than the older mount. It's strong and very universal.

  5. A bit longer base 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2014

    Awesome mount, the only drawback is that the base that attached to the wall should be 1 to 2 inches longer to accommodate irregular stud spacing, especially when mounting in a corner. I had to drill two new holes in-between the elongated holes to match up with the stud locations. Otherwise a great mount.

  6. Best on the market! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Dec 2013

    This mount has a huge capacity and the greatest extension on the market. I've been using one on my 55" LCD for 2 years and just purchased another for a family member. Not only is it a superior product but it's sold at a fraction of the cost of lesser mounts.

  7. sweet arm 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jul 2013

    I bought one 3 years ago and just bought two more for my other TVs. Best bang for the buck when it comes to TV arms

  8. BEST MOUNT EVER 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th May 2013

    Received the box and sorted the supplied parts. More than enough to handle most applications: Doubles on some parts. he mount base matched the wall studs and 5 minutes later it was installed. The TV back mount was more difficult, it took 10 minutes. There are two bars on the back, with only one carrying the weight. I tried to reason that out, but the two bars attach and was more than adequate to support my 55 inch LG TV. Turned on the surround sound, moved the TV to optimum position, got a beer and enjoyed. Total time ~45 minutes

  9. Strong easy to install mount! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Apr 2013

    I have the SP3 mount on one tv and the SP4 on another, the SP3 I like better, although they both are very good mounts, and strong!

  10. Solid Mount 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Mar 2013

    I am very satisfied with this sturdy mount. After the reviews, I was worried about the install (and yes the instructions are lacking) but it went very smooth. Take your time and don't forget the two small plates that lock in the bars. After we added those the mount feels indestructible. The mount is outside screwed into concrete. It is holding a 40 inch TV and it honestly is the nicest mount i have ever seen!!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 50 | Next