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Measuring VESA


WHAT IS VESA? And how do I know which VESA my TV has?

As you may have noticed, TV mounts have general size requirements associated with them, like the SP3 works with 32-55" TVs  or Sp1 works with 9-32", etc. But how do we decide which sizes are going to work with each mount and how are we sure the brand or specific model will work???

It's simple.  The industry has create a term called VESA, which is a measurement system to help make it simple to match a mount and TV together.   VESA refers to the distance of the holes on the back of a TV from left to right holes, and from the top to bottom holes.  This is shown above.  The most important part of all of this is your TV can be VESA compliant or not VESA compliant and it will still work with our mounts.  It's just a measuring system and the compliancy of it is not as important as just measuring and giving those meausrements to us.  Read on. 


The vertical component to this is generally the smaller number but ranges from 100mm up to 400mm and above.  100mm = 3.9 inches.  Shown above the "Y"  distance is from teh top hole to the bottom hole.  The mount you select must be larger to or equal to the vertical distance.  

The horizontal distance marked on the map "X" is from the left set of holes to the right.  Generally that distance is equal to or larger than the vertical measurement.  That can also range from 100mm but up to larger distances such as 800mm.  Once you understand it's simply a measurement, then the term VESA is easy to understand and match. 

All you need is a mount that is equal to or larger than the VESA pattern of your TV.  smaller tvs normally have smaller VESA patterns and larger TVs have larger VESA patterns.  Similarly, certain brands of TVs choose to have larger or smaller VESA patterns. 

Some examples of the VESA patterns are as follows. 

Most of the time, Sony TVs are 300x300mm VESA pattern.  The 32 inch TVs or smaller have the smaller patterns, but most 40-60 inch Sony's are all 300x300mm.  So that is why most large Mounts all work universally for Sonys. 

Sharp and Samsung many times are 400x400mm.  That and 200x200mm are very common. 

Toshiba and other brands are 200x400mm or other different patterns. 

***Basically you just need to understand what pattern is on your TV by either looking in the manual, measuring as you see above, or contact us with the model number and we can tell you what mounts will work with your TV. 

Any questions, contact us at info@discountedtvmounts.com anytime or call us at 1-888-220-4095 between the hours of 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.